giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

CHEESE 2013 - PART 1

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cheese, the largest international exhibition of the cheese come for the umpteenth edition, to rejoice with its tastes, its smells and its joy.

I go very early this morning (around 8:00 AM) in Bra to be able to steal time for the novelty, food and wine, of this edition.

There are not still many people for the event but i can see that there is barm for the stands.

Some were set up very soon apparently. I notice a very special location: there are some cows, goats and sheep live. Are intent on eating and definitely do not care about me :-)
There are descriptions about the animals on display. On a cow falls in particular my attention:

Soraya - the rare cow

Soraya is a cow who is near to the extinction. It produce many milk who is used to produce "Toma" of Cuneo.
For luck someone has got it in his protection and now there are other cow like it in Piedmont.

goats for milk

sheeps for milk

Under the portico of  XX September place instead was beginning to set up the dining area of the event with restaurants and gathering ready to refresh thousands and thousands of people hungries for a dish of a good cheese!

The dining area

I head right now, waiting for the stand open to the public, on the terrace above the portico, in  XX Settembre square. Snap some photos with the background the cathedral city, the Church of Sant'Andrea a building of the eighteenth century.
The terrace of XX Settembre square

Traversa Palace (XV siecle)

10:30 A.M., Stand are opening... Let's go!:-)
We start to visit first stand starting from the top of the manifestation in Marconi Street, where, under the old market of the chickens where camp the site of Slow Food: "The ark of taste", a place where you can find all the kinds of cheese who unluckily are going to disappear due to the wild commercialization of the new cheeses. Here is in the photo an explanation about the stand:

Canestrato cheese an old cheese

Toma di Elva

Tombea of Brescia

Crossing the adjacent Street Principi di Piemonte we are too see the national and international stands with many interesting news about the products of cheese.


In these particular stand (Etiopia) we can find a very tastefull yogurt done with the ashes; very good if i must comment, but also very strange and strong maybe for us!

Well, for today is all...see ya us Sunday for the second part!!