lunedì 10 novembre 2014


A remarkable setting of the public greeted Saturday, November 8th the beginning of "XXXV Festival Leek Cervere."
In the presence of the Mayor Corrado Marchisio and authorities has been kicked off the long-awaited event.
The Mr Mayor opened the inaugural evening by thanking the local Pro Loco and its president, Francis Gili, the volunteers of the various associations, local authorities and the producers of the famous vegetable.

In the first instance we held the awards ceremony with the "Golden Leek" to the famous food critic and presenter, Dr. Edoardo Raspelli, for his ongoing commitment to passionately spread the Italian food culture.

After the ceremony, he spoke Dr. Franco Graglia, Regional Councillor and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition, which went on to present the general features of the event.

A witness to the large international projects in the Piedmont, the presence of students of ICIF (Italian Culinary Institute of Foreigner) Costigliole d'Asti has permission to open an avenue of communication between the local and the different parts of the world from which they came the students.
The Mayor gave them a scroll with a recipe for leeks with a promise to commit to recreate it at least once in restaurant kitchens in which will be used in order to learn about this great product even worldwide.

On stage, together with the future chefs also spoke Renzo Vivalda owner of the famous and multi-starred restaurant cerverese 'The Old Royal Crown' managed superbly by his son, Chef Gian Piero Vivalda. Vivalda emphasized the passion for food and the eatery that accompanied him during these long years of activity  remembering the now famous chef who have experienced in his restaurant.

After that, the producers of the gastronomic delights of the province of Cuneo, as the Castelmagno Cheese, Mozzarella di Bufala Cuneo - a challenge by its manufacturer to the culinary world -, the Ham Cuneo DOP, Bagna Caoda of Faule and 'Quaquare' of Genola.
To the participants were given a gold pin to commemorate the event.

The baton is then passed to the political authorities of local, national and European intervened in an analysis of the economic situation Cuneo and possible maneuvers to try to raise awareness of the product and to enhance it even and especially abroad.

The penultimate speech at the event was made by the President of the Consortium Leek Cervere, Drs. George Bergesio who has sung the praises, describing the potentialities and the organoleptic and healthy.

And then followed the ceremony and its thanks to some producers to distinguish themselves during these years dedicated to the manufacturing of the leek.

At the end of the event was given the floor to the Mayor of Melpignano (Lecce), a country famous for 'La Notte della Taranta' to seal the twinning gourmet occurred between the two national contexts: "Melpignano - said the Mayor himself - is a country which has roughly the same population of Cervere and therefore experience the same problems and the same joys of some excellent local cuisine" restate the need to continue with willpower and determination their ideas.

To conclude the event, Mr. Mayor Cervere always greeted the audience emphasizing the absolute necessity of "pulling the cart of the institutional weight"
together to make less effort and to achieve the primary goal of the goal of social and economic welfare.
Followed a party under the Palaporro in Piazza San Sebastian waiting for the opening dinner.