venerdì 14 novembre 2014


Sunday, November 9, was held at the council hall of the town of Cervere, the debate "How to boost the economy of our country," moderated by Professor Beppe Ghisolfi, Vice President of ABI and distinguished journalist.
Opens the discussion Professor himself who, after some preliminaries, go to thank the Mayor of Cervere, Mr. Corrado Marchisio both for the invitation to work, and for having conceived and promoted the debate.
The mayor himself went then to remember what has been and what are the current issues not only economic but also employment of reality Cuneo and possible solutions to the difficulties to which we are going.

When done, Prof. Ghisolfi starts introducing guests, audience of the defendant except for the occasion. Many of a certain level just the speakers,

Opened the meeting Dr. Quaglia, Director of Unicredit, emphasizing the differences between the situations in the 80s and 90s and current stressing the need for agricultural development and thus economic territory in order to get out of this situation of general crisis, no longer in faso stall, but unfortunately beaten.
Fundamental cooperation between the number of productive resources and human resources and the institutions necessary to set goals, work together and take action.

Below, spoke to Professor Joseph Tardivo, professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Turin, who went on to explain how the crisis evolved in recent years from economic production.
He pointed out that the unemployment rate involves many of the citizens of the province not only of a certain age, but especially for young people.
The possible solution to the Professor would be to renew and look forward aiming at the need to exploit niche areas such as excellent food as the Leek Cervere, in fact, boost up production and involvement with the banking foundations.

It then passes the baton to Dr. Zorgnotti that, as a business journalist asks a question on MEP. Alberto Cirio, "What can Europe do to end the crisis?"
Dr. Alberto Cirio, responds strongly emphasizing the need to apply for funding for agriculture in a timely manner and without wasting more time. He reminded the audience that Wednesday, November 12 in Brussels would organize a meeting with the mayors of Granda to decide the strategies to be implemented to be able to get this much longed funds.

Pier Maria Toselli founder of Telecupole leads the virtuous example of this station, the only one who has never had any problems with the crisis and to have had the ability and the courage to innovate efforts aimed collaborating with new channels both Italian and French.

Dr. Franco Biraghi, president of Confindustria Cuneo states the need to take a step back looking at the mistakes made in the past and would seek to remedy this by reducing bureaucracy and taxation wild that tends to destroy jobs.

Speaker then the Regional counselor Dr. Franco Graglia recalling the heavy and difficult financial situation and the difficulty in finding quick solutions. The Presidency Chiamparino will have to take action soon, unfortunately, at the level of taxation to try to stem the economic instability that currently seems to imprison the Piedmont.
Of crucial importance, said Graglia, do group towards a solution.

Towards the middle of the debate was also attended Rossetto which gave importance to positive territory as created by the ability to interact with other regions, the strong connection to the land and the character or quality of the products.
Identify 2 ways out of the crisis:
1) Less bureaucracy
2) Less control "is not checked each other" and actions that create confusion rather than the solution.

Spoke at the end of the conference, Dr. Giandomenico Genta, representative of the Fondazione CRT that allows for the funding of the enterprise funds increased from 120 million to "only" 40 in a few years and then "being covered now short" you can not meet the demands of everyone.
The possible solution is to simplify the way we do business and the need for its products sell well abroad, make them known and enhancing it.

Giorgio Bergesio, president of the Consortium of Leek, said the seriousness of the Protocol with regard to the processing leek and commitment that each producer provides for it.
For him you still need a key intervention by the government and institutions all out of this great crisis.

Close then the work Dr. Quaglia which defines the solution in 3 aims:
1) To say more than talk.
2) Use "we" instead of "I".
3) Getting more than winning.
Finally, to highlight the reliability and practicality of Cuneo, cites Giovanni Giolitti reporting an incident during a conference held at the time when the statesman, responding to a reporter, said, "When we say we stop Cuneo, also stop speak. "